[webaccessibile] Px - em trasformers, versione 1.0

Roberto Ellero rellero a webaccessibile.org
Sab 6 Mar 2004 14:20:30 CET

Livio Mondini:
Sė, secondo me anche in modo scorretto. I CSS dovrebbero servire a altro.
Era molto pių elegante nel progenitore di CSS, DSSSL:
(element li
(make paragraph
   first-line-start-indent: (- indent-step)
   (make line-field
   field-width: indent-step
   field-align: 'start
  (literal (format-number (child-number)
                (if (have-ancestor? '("OL" "OL"))

Roberto Ellero:
Trovo di estremo interesse questo approfondimento, le scelte andrebbero
sempre calate in un orizzonte storico compensivo della tradizione.
"The separation of document structure from the document's layout had been a
goal of HTML from its inception in 1990. Tim Berners-Lee wrote his NeXT
browser/editor in such a way that he could determine the style with a simple
style sheet. However, he didn't publish the syntax for the style sheets,
considering it a matter for each browser to decide how to best display pages
to its users."

Roberto Ellero

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