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If I use XStandard, will my Web site be accessible only to Windows
XStandard is used by Web site administrators, not by your site visitors.
What XStandard does is ensure that your site visitors are served clean,
accessible and standards-compliant XHTML.

Roberto Scano:
io invece non sapevo questa cosetta sul Java...

"Why was XStandard not written in Java?
Rich Text editors written in Java that we looked at confirmed our
feeling that Java would be too slow for the job, since Java applets
would need to be downloaded initially, and then downloaded into the
browser each time an editor is opened. Content managment systems that
had several Java-based editors on the same page would obviously result
in performance levels that would be simply unacceptable.
On the other hand, once ActiveX controls are downloaded, they remain on
the client PC and load and execute faster because they are compiled.
Also, because XStandard is written in C++ with an ActiveX wrapper, it
gives developers the choice of integrating XStandard into pure Windows
applications written in Visual Basic, C++, etc.

Nowadays, most Java applets actually run inside an ActiveX Java plug-in.
So even if you write an applet in Java, it still uses ActiveX technology
to run in a browser"

Roberto Scano

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