R: [webaccessibile] E poi dicono di MS....

Roberto Castaldo r.castaldo a iol.it
Mer 9 Giu 2004 14:25:17 CEST

"the membership (W3C) has many more server-side people than client-side
people, and most of the client-side people are plug-in vendors, not browser
E poi...
"The truth is that the real Web, the Web that authors write for, is the
Windows IE6 Web. The only way to change that is to reduce the IE6 market
share, and new technologies don't do this. Marketing does. Once users are
primarily using a browser that is being regularly updated, then we can start
introducing radically new technologies. Until then, such technologies simply
aren't going to become popular."

Roberto C:
Sono dei miti!!! Server-side e client-side people  da ricordare!!!
Per il resto, un gran bel manifesto :-)

Roberto C.

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