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Lorenzo Iannuzzi nakis a libero.it
Ven 30 Apr 2004 21:41:31 CEST

Rinrazio Filippo per avermi affiancato nell'inviare avvisi di sicurezza
in lista. Se ci mettiamo d'accordo, possiamo risparmiarci un po' di


Several vulnerabilities have been found in xine-ui and xine-lib,
potentially allowing an attacker to overwrite files with the rights of
the user.

Multiple remote vulnerabilities have been found in the LCDd server,
allowing execution of arbitrary code with the rights of the LCDd user.


SGI has released Patch 10065: SGI ProPack v2.4:Kernel Update #3 -
and other fixes, which includes updated RPMs for SGI ProPack v2.4
for the Altix family of systems, in response to the following security

iso9660 symlink vulnerability (SGI BUG 910395)

XFS information leakage (SGI BUG 910387)

SGI has released SGI Advanced Linux Environment security update #19,
which includes updated RPMs for SGI ProPack v2.4 for the SGI Altix
family of systems, in response to the following security issues:

Updated wu-ftpd packages fix segmentation fault after file transfer

Updated XFree86 packages fix minor security issue

Updated util-linux packages fix information leak


  This update includes Serial ATA (SATA) support, updated netfilter GRE
  and PPTP conntrack/NAT helpers, and a new 'forcedeth' Ethernet driver
  for nForce2 Ethernet support.

  This update also fixes the following security issues:

    * A buffer overflow in the ISO9660 filesystem (CAN-2004-0109)

    * Information leaks in the XFS, ext3, and JFS filesystems
      (CAN-2004-0133, CAN-2004-0177, and CAN-2004-0181 respectively)

    * A mostly likely non-exploitable bug in the panic() function

    * A potential memory leak in the do_fork() function's error path

    * An integer overflow in the ip_setsockopt() function

  Guardian Digital products affected by this issue include:

    EnGarde Secure Community 2
    EnGarde Secure Professional v1.5


H.D. Moore discovered several terminal emulator security issues.  One
of them covers escape codes that are interepreted by the terminal
emulator.  This could be exploited by an attacker to insert malicious
commands hidden for the user, who has to hit enter to continue, which
would also execute the hidden commands.

Jacub Jelinek discovered several vulnerabilities in the Midnight
Commander, a powerful file manager for GNU/Linux systems.  The
problems were classified as follows:

CAN-2004-0226 Buffer overflows
CAN-2004-0231 Insecure temporary file and directory creations
CAN-2004-0232 Format string problems

Steve Grubb discovered a problem in the Portable Network Graphics
library libpng which is utilised in several applications.  When
processing a broken PNG image, the error handling routine will access
memory that is out of bounds when creating an error message.
Depending on machine architecture, bounds checking and other
protective measures, this problem could cause the program to crash if
a defective or intentionally prepared PNG image file is handled by

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