[security] security updates

Lorenzo Iannuzzi nakis a libero.it
Gio 15 Apr 2004 12:53:16 CEST


Debian has updated MySQL fixing a couple of temporary file

OpenPKG has sent out an update to cvs fixing the new vulnerabilities

Red Hat has issued updates to cadaver (RHL, RHEL) fixing a vulnerability
in neon which is exploitable by a hostile server, squid (RHEL only, Red
Hat Linux was updated last month) fixing a URL decoding vulnerability,
mailman (RHEL) fixing a denial of service problem caused by a prior
update, and OpenOffice (RHEL), which is also affected by the neon


The 2.4.25 and 2.6.x kernels contain a buffer overflow in the iso9660
(CDROM) filesystem code; a local user can exploit this vulnerability to
obtain root access. See the LWN vulnerability entry for more
information. As of this writing, we have received updates from Debian
(i386, Alpha, and PowerPC, HP-PA, ia-64, and S/390); Fedora,
Mandrakesoft, and SUSE. Most of these updates fix a number of other
issues as well. 

There is a new vulnerability in CVS as well; this one is a client-side
hole which may be exploited by a hostile server. Updates are available
from Mandrakesoft, SUSE, and Red Hat (Red Hat Linux, Enterprise Linux).


Steve Kemp discovered a vulnerability in xonix, a game, where an
external program was invoked while retaining setgid privileges.  A
local attacker could exploit this vulnerability to gain gid "games".

Max Vozeler discovered two format string vulnerabilities in ssmtp, a
simple mail transport agent.  Untrusted values in the functions die()
and log_event() were passed to printf-like functions as format
strings.  These vulnerabilities could potentially be exploited by a
remote mail relay to gain the privileges of the ssmtp process
(including potentially root).

Ciao e alla prossima!

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